The Treflik Family

Breathtaking puppet animation

Format : 26×8’30
Target : Pre-school
Genre :
Social skills improvement
Status : Available

The Treflik Family seems to be a typical family : Mom, Dad and two children. They live in a small house which one day is visited by a mysterious guest, Little Uncle. He accompanies the siblings – Treflinka and Treflik. Thanks to his secret powers, he is invisible to adults. He takes the kids to distant places and, at the same time, helps to solve problems and develop their social skills. He also teaches the children how to understand the world that surrounds them. The Treflik Family is accompanied by grandparents and open-hearted friends from the neighbourhood. In each part of the series, the young viewers happily take a new trip to the world of dreams and imagination.

Stop-motion by the team behind award winning Short Peter & The Wolf


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