The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Looking for the ‘real’ Harry Potter!

Format : Season 1: 10x30min / Season 2&3: 20x30min
Target : 8-12 year-old
Genre : Game Show


A boarding school set deep in the heart of the English countryside becomes the home of the ultimate magical adventure, as a chosen few battle it out to become The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Fourteen lucky apprentices are schooled in the history of magic and folklore, Latin for casting spells, chemistry, and card tricks and also look after resident magic animals. They also learn to use quills and ink, keep their dormitories clean, cloaks folded and face a spooky diet of snails and “frogs-legs” soup. At the end of each week, the children compete by performing their magic in front of a live audience and the Sorcerer himself but only one of them can win and become The Sorcerer’s Apprentice!


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