Little Wolf’s Book of Badness

Learn the “bad” manners!

Format : 1x24min
Target : 6-12 years old
Genre : Kids animation
Status : finished

Mum and Dad are worried that their precious son Little Wolf is not as bad as a small lupine creature should be. So they send him off to Cunning College in Frettnin Forest to learn the ‘Nine Rules of Badness’ from his Uncle Bigbad. Uncle Bigbad is a hopeless teacher, but armed with determination and native wit, Little Wolf thinks things out for himself. Sent out by his Uncle to round up a troop of boy scouts to eat for supper, Little Wolf discovers that the scouts have many useful skills to offer an outdoor type like himself. Little Wolf decides not to be a slave to outmoded rules of behaviour but to be true to himself. And as a result, he inherits his Uncle’s fortune and becomes master of Cunning College.


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