Kit and Kate

Where will we go? Who will we be? What will we do? Who will we see? It sure will be fun, that much we know! Go, Kittie Kitties let’s go!

Format : season 1 (52×5′) + season 2 (52×5′) now available
Target : Pre-school
Genre : Comedy

Brother and sister kitties Kit and Kate love going to their playroom. Inside there is a magical box filled with toys and costumes. When Kit and Kate jump inside this magical box and choose one of their playthings their imaginations transform the playroom into big colorful worlds of fun – lands with Swiss cheese mountains and magical clouds, castles with hidden Dragoon eggs, or bubbles, bubbles, bubbles!
But Kit and Kate make choices that always lead them to a dead end. Luckily a helpful stranger happens by and helps them figure out the answer to their problem.
Kit and Kate strives to empower children by teaching them that exploration is fun, that in failure there is an opportunity to learn, and that figuring out why something went wrong makes us better prepared to deal with life’s challenges the next time around.


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