Ivor the Invisible

I’ve got a very special friend.

Format : 1x24min
Target : 6-12 years old
Genre : Kids animation
Status : finished

This animated adventure stars 11-year-old John, a young boy who wakes one Saturday morning to discover that like it or not, he has a new friend. Ivor is unlike anyone else John has known. Not only does he seem to be incredibly huge, he is also invisible. At turns delighted by Ivor’s behaviour, and equally horrified – it doesn’t take John long to realise that while life with Ivor might not be easy, it certainly isn’t dull.
Warm and funny, this touching tale contains all the crucial ingredients for an enduring family favourite – beautiful visuals, excellent voice-overs and a generous helping of specially composed music.


© 2001 SCREEN FIRST LTD. All rights reserved. Based on the character created by Raymond Briggs.