Dumper & Skoop

Teamwork and friendship can solve anything !

Format : S1 : 26 x11′ S2 : 26 x 11′ (2019)
Target : Pre-school

Genre :
Status : Available

What do all toys do when nobody is home? Have fun, of course! And that’s exactly what Oscar’s playful construction toys, Dumper and Skoop, get up to when he’s not around.

Join the adventures of lazy Dumper, bossy Skoop, and their friends Whirly and Waa, as they play and learn together. Meet their mighty 3D printer called MakeM8, along with the mischievous wind-up toy mice, Plink and Plonk.

Inevitably their adventures end up making a mess, so the toy pals must quickly tidy up before Oscar’s mum tries to pack them all away into storage. Even though the toys are great friends, teamwork is never as easy as it sounds!