Florka’s Diary

LOGO_FLORKAWrite your memories!

Format : 2 seasons of 13x10min/ 2D / HD
Target : 3-6 years old
Genre : Comedy
Status :  3rd season in production

Florka is a little shrew that just moved out to a new town with her family. She already knows how to reand and write, even before going to school. Her dad offers her a notebook and tells her to write. She decides to write all the little things that are happening to her, so she can remember them when she will be older.Florka image

Come and follow Florka’s life, as she discovers the different things in life like shyness, meeting new people, friendship but also her mother’s pregnancy and what it means to be a sister. She is also very curious so she asks a lot of questions about the world that she’s living in. She learns a lot thanks to her adventures.







© 2014 ANIMA-POL. All rights reserved. Based on the character created by Roksana Jędrzejewska-Wróbel.