Dofus Kerub’s Bazaar

logo-KERUBIM-OK-EN_SITEYou won’t go away empty-handed!

Format : 52 x 13’ / 2D / HD
Target : 6-10 years old
Genre : Adventure  / Comedy
Online component :

Based on hugely successful online game (50 million accounts created worldwide) & 1 Million comics sold.

Kerub Crepin’s booth is a real treasure cave! With only the light of a Moss liver oil lantern, you can find antiquities of all kinds there: amulets, talismans, or even decorative objects, precious and sometimes magic… Each one of them has its own story and each story its own episode! It’s an opportunity for the old Ecaflip to share some of his memories, encounters and extraordinary adventures with his adopted son, little Joris.


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